Mount Saint Mary's University
Los Angeles CA United States


Mount Saint Mary's University is a Private Non-profit university located in Los Angeles, California. It is the main campus, with 2 branch campuses, that offers predominantly Bachelor's Degree programs. Situated in a City: Large area of Los Angeles, Graduate Degree (only) is the highest degree offered by Mount Saint Mary's University.


Students at Mount Saint Mary's University have average family incomes of $50,279, making it one of the least socioeconomically diverse universities.

Degree Programs

Degree Programs (Historical)

Average SAT Score (Historical)

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  • Population 2,779
    Average Entry Age 23.7
    Female Students 0.9%
    Married Students: 0.1%

Family Income

  • Average Income $50,279
    Median Income $35,520

Acceptance Rate

  • Acceptance Rate 85.9%

Test Scores

  • SAT Score 923


  • In-State Tuition $37,722
    Out-of-State Tuition $37,722