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Berkeley, CA, United States

University of California-Berkeley

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Cambridge, MA, United States

Harvard University

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New York, NY, United States

New York University

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Average Entry Age for Most Selective Universities in the US

This statistic presents the average age of freshmans for the most selective universities in the US. While the average entry age for top 20 universities is 20.9 years, average age of freshmen in Dallas Nursing Institute (DNI) is 32. But its also worth noting that in 2017, DNI's student population was only around 300. High average age of entry for other institutions like Harvard University and Columbia University is attributable to their large grad student base. For instance, 8,500 students were in undergraduate programs and 21,000 in postgraduate programs at Columbia University last year.

University of Pennsylvania

Population (ug)10,666 Average SAT Score1,457 Acceptance Rate10.2%
Located in Philadelphia, PA, University of Pennsylvania is a highly selective university that admitted only 10.2% of the applicants, with an average SAT score of 1,457, last year.

California State University-Northridge

Population (ug)36,979 Average SAT Score902 Acceptance Rate45.6%
Located in Northridge, CA, California State University-Northridge is one of the largest universities by student population in the country. Currently, 36,979 undergraduate students are enrolled.