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Stanford, CA, United States
Stanford University

Stanford University

1 Waitlisted with Interview
1 Rejected without Interview
2 Interviewed
Waltham, MA, United States

Bentley University

1 Admitted from Waitlist
1 Admitted
Wellesley, MA, United States

Babson College

1 Researching or Writing Essays
1 Admitted

The 20 Highest Faculty-Paying Universities in the US

Efe Tuncel

Ranked by average total compensation, this statistic shows the 20 best-paying universities in the US. The top payer might surprise you; The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center beat out well established institutions like Stanford University, New York Law School, Harvard University and California Institute of Technology.

  • The list was dominated by universities with strong business and law degree programs and market experts believe that this will continue in the future
  • Thunderbird School of Global Management of Arizona State University ranked 7th
  • Babson College, where all students graduate with Bachelor of Science in Business Management, was ranked 19th

Harvey Mudd College

Population (ug)812 Average SAT Score1,484 Acceptance Rate13.0%
Located in Claremont, CA, Harvey Mudd College is a highly selective university that admitted only 13.0% of the applicants, with an average SAT score of 1,484, last year.

University of Nevada-Las Vegas

Population (ug)23,325 Average SAT Score1,007 Acceptance Rate88.4%
Located in Las Vegas, NV, University of Nevada-Las Vegas is one of the largest universities by student population in the country. Currently, 23,325 undergraduate students are enrolled.