20 bars nearby campuses to watch 2018 Stanley Cup and NBA Playoffs

The Den

The University of Houston is making a small, albeit concerted, effort at creating a rich campus experience, and The Den (although technically off-campus) is at the very heart of that. Bright, clean, and welcoming, The Den is both a social space for students and a dyed-in-the-wool Cougar sports bar. Keeping in line with its on-campus location, the bar menu is focused on the college-going demographic with lots of shots and stiff drinks. But the craft beer selection is also solid, with a strong focus on local brewers like Saint Arnold, Karbach, and Southern Star. The food includes a short but thoughtful line of sandwiches. Considering the full package, The Den is easily the best place to celebrate the renaissance of UH sports.

Last Stop Sports Bar and Lounge

Large space for a small bar. Had a lot of potential and the bartender was nice. Right next door to Tselogs who will deliver delicious Filipino to your bar seat. They have a dj almost everyday of the well worth a day of open Mic on Thursdays. We came early so there wasn't much going on, but that was fine for me since I wants to watch the college softball tournament. Would love to see what the night life is like. Very curious....Filipino, older crowd? Potential for a younger crowd for sure.


City Tap

Looking for a place to grab or drink or food before or after a game or maybe even a workout (proud of you if you can pull that off to my fellow athletes)? Or, hey, maybe a friend wants to go out for happy hour, which they have, and you need a cool spot to go to. Well, come on down to City Tap!

With a diverse beer menu, and full bar, you can find anything your heart desires on this menu. I personally love coming her during the summer because you can sit outside on the patio; even though it is not big, it is better than nothing. In addition to this, the typical "bar food" you see at other places is here, but they take more time and pride in how the food is served, than their local competitors. 

Luckily, there is street parking and a lot for you to park your car at. If you are lucky enough to walk, do this. If you park on East 4, buy a drink there and then get your ticket validated, you will only have to pay 8 dollars. After that first drink, then come here because they prices are much cheaper than East 4.